Analysis in research and for partners in industry

With our equipment we analyse the microstructure, crystal structure and the chemical composition of alloys, metals and intermetallic compounds as well as polymers, composites and biological samples. For this purpose there are state-of-the-art scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations available. Energy and wavelength dispersive x-ray spectrocopy and electron diffraction is possible due to the usage of different analysis processors and detectors. In-situ stress-strain and heating experiments is within our capabilities, too. With the help of these devices we develope new materials, investigate their behavior and structure-properties relations and analyse defects of materials. These methods are important in research not only for the scientific work of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students but also with our interdisciplinary collaboration partners and partners in industry around the world. Another field of research within this department is to develope new methods for analysis and also to improve existing ones.




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