Alloy development

The foundation of a modern society is the ongoing development of new technology which is tightly connected to the research and development of new materials. The improvement of and search for  new materials for state-of -the-art and future technological is the key challenge to improve civil life quality.

The chair of High Temperature Materials develops and investigates new materials and alloys for a more efficient use of rare recourses.. This work involves metallic and intermetallic -baes high temperature materials for the automotive, aerospace and energy sector, i.e. for applications in stationary gas- or airplane turbines. Our expertise in the field of material’s research involves a high number of different types of materials such as intermetallics like Fe-Al and Ti-Al, refractory metals and their alloys such as Mo-Si-B or V-Si-B, diverse sillicides and borides and High Entropy Alloys.

For more detailed information about our research, please visit the Forschungsportal Sachsen-Anhalt or contact us directly.

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