Researcher from Japan visited the Krüger group




 Dr. Shuntaro Ida from the Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan visited our group from February 27th until March 14th. He got to know our group and our laboratory equipment during his stay. He also was so kind to present us his current and fascinating research about the elastic properties of non-stochiometric titanium carbides. We had very interesting and fruitful discussions about this topic and the on-going work in particular.

After the work hours we showed him around Magdeburg and had very pleasant meals, drinks and talks together. Our spare time activities include a football game (1.FC Magdeburg vs. Carl Zeiss Jena), cart racing and a visit on a concert at a local band contest. He enjoyed some craft beer brewed in Magdeburg while playing some card games with us and he is now willing to show these very fun games to his colleagues and friends in Japan! ;-) (Text and Pictures: Dr.-Ing. Georg Hasemann)





Shuntaro, it was a real pleasure having you here and we are very much looking forward to meet you again!

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